Thursday, July 9, 2009



  1. We had a fantastic family reunion at your lodge! Thanks for the great experience. I was impressed with the many diverse family activities you offered. What a wonderful home! We slept great! Thank you! Look forward to our next trip in September!

  2. I loved hanging out in the "pool room" and shooting pool! and the TIRE swing was a blast! This is one of the most family friendly houses I've visited: it has a lot of public rooms for big group activities, and lots of spaces into which to tuck oneself for that little bit of sweet privacy. Thank you for a great time!

  3. Hey Paul and Tiffany, you have a wonderful retreat house there. Thanks so much for the cordial treatment. The majestic mountain views and the comfort of your beautiful retreat center were the perfect combination for a great group gathering. The next time our group thinks about "where to go this year," I am sure The Big House will be at the top of the list.

    -- Jerry
    ONEFamily Outreach

  4. Tiffanie and Paul have certainly carved out a little slice of heaven at the Big House and its surrounding property.

    I was wondering what you might know about feeding the Elk herds that migrate through the area. I don't know what time of year they come around and how you get involved in that. It seems like a perfect thing to do while staying at the Big House!

    Thanks, and I can't wait to be able to head back to see you both. Magical place! Karen

  5. Thanks, Karen. Starting in the fall through winter, we start to see the Elk moving down out of the mountains. Our forested portion of the property where the campsites are, we have found young trees used for rutting. When the Elk lose their velvet on new growth antlers. in the last few weeks the deer are back and have been grazing on our property and spoking our dog. Here is still a pup so large animals are still pretty new to him.