Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hiking 30 minutes from Lodge

I explored some new trails the other day with my Uncle in the area who is an avid hiker/ironman competitor. He has been hiking this area for the last eight years and he took myself and our dog Hero up to Pete Lake. I can only tell you from my eyes how beautiful the Cascades are from the eastside of the Pass. It was a 4 mile in and hardly any elevation climb. A pretty easy hike. There were horseback riders on this trail and camping at the lake. If you spend some time here at The Big House and want a great 3 hour hike. Ask me for directions and I would be glad to direct you to this trail or others we have in this area.

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  1. Hero looks to be the right sized pooch for the wide open spaces that you enjoy, massive! I loved the new gallery that you added to your website, pretty amazing scenery ~ it's fun to keep up with the new things being added to Big House Lodge!

    Take good care, we will see you soon! Karen